Origins of Global Peace Centre Canada

Pitch Night

Presentation Night: Sharing the GPCC Proposal with Ziauddin Yousafzai, 10 November 2014

The successful launch of Global Peace Centre Canada earlier this month was the culmination of a project which began in the halls of Conrad Grebel University College in a Masters of Peace and Conflict Studies course called 'Building Civil Society'. On September 8, 2014 the third MPACS cohort met in class for the first time. We were clearly excited for our first class of our Master’s program but also nervous about what the semester might bring. The excitement was undeniable when we learned that we could choose to help create the foundation for the GPCC as our final project for the course.

MPACS Students from PACS 603: Building Civil Society

Global Peace Centre Canada began, in name, as 'Global Peace Council of Canada', a companion group to the Global Peace Council Pakistan (GPCP). The MPACS Students created an initial prototype of the GPCC's NGO Proposal, Governance Manual, and HR Manual. At the culmination of their assignment, the MPACS students summarized their thoughts and hopes for the GPCC: "We are honoured and thrilled to be a part of this project and cannot wait to watch the organization grow and flourish. We know that the GPCC will do amazing things and leave its mark on the world."The active participation from the MPACS students, in their capacity as founding advisors, paved the way for the GPCC's entry into the real world. Since the work from the MPACS Students was completed and submitted, the Board of Directors, Founding Director Jahan Zeb, and Honorary Chair Ziauddin Yousafzai have worked tirelessly to make Global Peace Centre Canada what it is today.
Through all the effort and hard work, the MPACS students set the origins for the GPCC to become a force for change, for social justice, peace and conflict resolution, and will lead the world around us to foster a new way of moving forward in an adaptive and aware manner.GPCC would like to extend another sincere thanks to the students and fellow peacebuilders in the MPACS program: Aly Ostrowski, Chichi Nwuba, Nolan Kraszkiewicz, Ifeanyi Ogwuru, Meaghan Middleton-Firman, Mike Southcott, Menke Maria Meijer, Vik Suagh, Lorena Rodriguez, Nirupama Paudyal, Shinjita Alam, Sandrine Uwimana, and Tim O’Connor. (all pictured above)  

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